Why PHPCodebooster?

PHPCodebooser is light and powerful php framework that improves the web page performance and delievers powerful dynamic web applications without much developer efforts. It helps developers in many ways to to improve website performance and to create reusable views.

Followings are the advantages of PHPCodebooster over other frameworks.

  1. Performance
    1. Easy and light
    2. Organized files and folders
    3. Easy to learn and understand
    4. It uses awesome symfony2 php templating system to render templates
    5. It has a way to manage multiple projects with single codebase
    6. Better Authentication, Validation and unit testing.
    7. No need to waste time in learning framework Language
  2. Object Oriented
    1. Doctrine2 ORM
    2. Doctrine2 DBAL
    3. PHPUnit testing
    4. Memcache to speed up query performance
    5. Seamless Validation Layer
    6. Easy to map database object using Doctrine2 ORM
  3. Support
    1. Easy to write helpers, third party library support
    2. Dynamic autoloading support
    3. Command line model generator
  4. Security
    1. Prevents CSFR attacks with form validation
    2. Prevents Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    3. Prevents SQL injection attacks
    4. Speed up page performance using cache/memcache

Number of people have started taking advantage of this little and efficient framework and to build easy and nice websites. Check out our portfolio sections to see some examples. Submit your websites for portfolio if you are using our framework by sending an email to sandip254@gmail.com

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