Why PHPCodebooster?

PHPCodebooster is a powerful small PHP framework aim to provide more benifites to developers. It really helps to improve website performance. I know you might have question that why would we use this framework? Why not to use other frameworks.

Followings are the advantages of PHPCodebooster over other frameworks.

  1. Performance
    1. Easy and light
    2. Organized files and folders
    3. Awesome Page Caching system
    4. Easy to learn and understand
    5. Single codebase for multi-domains
    6. Better Authentication, Validation and unit testing.
    7. No need to waste time in learning framework Language
  2. Object Oriented
    1. Doctrine2 ORM
    2. Doctrine2 DBAL
    3. PHPUnit testing
    4. Memcache to speed up query performance
    5. Seamless Validation Layer
    6. Easy to map database object using Doctrine2 ORM
  3. Support
    1. Easy to write plugins
    2. Custom client based plugins
    3. Asset library to hook up third party classes
    4. Command line model generator
  4. Security
    1. Prevents Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    2. Prevents SQL injection attacks
    3. Speed up page performance using cache/memcache

There are lot other advantages of using my framework. It has minimum function and maximum output. My goal is to provide easy and efficient way of programming using a little framework.

Post questions and features that you would like to see in my framework or widgets you want and I would create and post them. Also other programmers would also help with my framework those who already have started using it.

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