What is PHPCodebooster?

PHPCodebooster is a website where you learn all about php. We will teach you all the programming knowledge that you need in order to build dynamic website with php, mysql, jquery.

The name phpcodebooster come from our small, fast and light php framework. We have three frameworks build with php for beginners, intermidiate and advance php learners.

Learn how to become a better programmer by learning a real concept of programming with deep knowledge explained on our website.

There are lots of php frameworks out there but people have always trouble choosing a right framework. There are some advantages of using phpcodebooster framework as follow.

  1. Performance
    1. Easy and light
    2. Organized files and folders
    3. Easy to learn and understand
    4. It uses awesome symfony2 php templating system to render templates
    5. It has a way to manage multiple projects with single codebase
    6. Better Authentication, Validation and unit testing.
    7. No need to waste time in learning framework Language
  2. Object Oriented
    1. Doctrine2 ORM
    2. Doctrine2 DBAL
    3. PHPUnit testing
    4. Memcache to speed up query performance
    5. Seamless Validation Layer
    6. Easy to map database object using Doctrine2 ORM
  3. Support
    1. Easy to write helpers, third party library support
    2. Dynamic autoloading support
    3. Command line model generator
  4. Security
    1. Prevents CSFR attacks with form validation
    2. Prevents Cross-Site Scripting (XSS)
    3. Prevents SQL injection attacks
    4. Speed up page performance using cache/memcache

Checkout our simple, light and easy to learn framework and spread it to the world. We would love to hear your feedback on our framework and your openion on how to make it more convinient for you.

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